Why did you move to such a small town?

After our children were grown, we wanted to move closer to my husband’s family since we had lived in Florida for our whole marriage. Recently my parents no longer lived in Florida, they went back to North Carolina to care for my aging grandmother and most of my immediate family no longer lived in the vicinity of the town we lived in Florida, so we decided we needed a change.

We moved to Indiana and we started out in a little duplex that we renovated (we still own it and rent both sides out), then we moved to the historic area and bought an adorable 1920s bungalow which we remodeled and added a kitchen with a copper farmhouse sink. We became friends with the sweet family that bought it once we purchased Selah Pines and it just felt like all was meant to be.

Back to the reason we moved away…It’s simple.

We wanted quiet, we wanted space and we wanted nature to surround us.

We got it all plus more. BUT why a small town in particular?

This little town captured our hearts back in October 2016, I casually mentioned to my husband that “one day I would love to move to a small little town like this.” He went online and found this property that had 2 acres and while the home was in such bad shape, we weren’t scared.

We wanted to live in the country and we wanted to live in our own Farmhouse, Selah Pines.

Our little town has a population of 680 the last time I looked it up and it only has about 5 streets with maybe 3 stoplights. It looks like someone took a town and dropped it right into the middle of cornfields.

So, we live off the beaten path for sure, but we get the best of both worlds, we can run into town and buy fresh meat and cheese, but we don’t have to hear the hustle and bustle of a city or worry about an HOA (not that there is anything wrong with that, but we craved a simpler, quiet life).

That’s why we chose Selah Pines or maybe Selah Pines chose us?

“The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind.”~Albert Einstein