Why not paint the brick?

Here is another design question we get quite a bit of via direct messages or comments.

I LOVE painted brick, like totally love it! I’m a big fan of Fixer Upper and love that they used to take ranch style homes with sad, outdated brick and give it a fresh coat of paint, and voila! The home is magical and fresh looking.

I also love some painted furniture (I don’t usually take antiques and paint them), but I am married to a man who can make anything with his two hands. He can build a whole piece of furniture and wants the wood grain to shine through for all to see.

Paint on furniture or on bricks, in his opinion is sacrilegious…well, maybe not that far, but he doesn’t like it.

God had such a sense of humor putting the two of us together. I love change and my husband cannot stand it, well…most change.

Anyway, I think that the one of my most favorite and therapeutic things to do is to carefully paint a piece of furniture and give it a new look, a new life…a second chance.

Even though I love painted furniture or a beautiful painted mantel, when it came to designing our fireplace, I knew I wanted brick while my husband started out wanting river rock or something that looked more like it belonged in a mountain home…he knows I love my NC mountains.

We decided that we would do brick, but we agreed that we wanted some brick that had some history, some brick that was old and needed a new home to show off. My Lovey went onto facebook marketplace and found our brick in a town that was about two hours away from us. The brick was in an old barn and we bought it for about a fourth of what the new bricks cost, plus it has the history we both craved.

This brick is over 100 years old and we found a talented mason to add the bricks to the fireplace that my husband and his friend built. We also used the extra bricks for our steps to the porch that we put on as well.

So, if I ever asked my husband to paint the bricks or even a “German Schmear” technique that is so popular, I think he would just fall over on the spot. Dead. Right on the spot!

He worked so hard to build our home and our fireplace is the heart of our home. He was so proud that it was featured on the weekend projects via This Old House, so he is pretty happy with our fireplace. Every single time I look at it, I think of the process and all the planning and love that went into it.

Many ask about our wood mantel and our mantel is also over 100 years old from an old Barn Beam. I guess one of the reasons we love our fireplace so much just like it is could be that we love to persevere History. And our fireplace tells a story~

“History never really says goodbye. History says ‘See you later’.”~Eduardo Galeano