Welcome to Selah Pines Farmhouse

This is my first Selah Pines Farmhouse blog post and I am super excited for a few reasons, but let’s talk about the first one in a little more in detail.

I am so excited because I am a writer and blogger that hasn’t blogged in years. I know, it seems funny to call myself a blogger and not have a blog, but I am back! I used to have a blog many years ago and I always felt like I knew I would blog again, but I didn’t know that our renovation would bring back that yearning to write.

So many wonderful things have come out of the process of buying a home that sat vacant and abandoned for so long. Just like the house that was neglected and ignored, my writing has been a little neglected, too.

Hopefully now that I have an outlet to write, I will be able to give you a more personal glimpse into our day to day life and you will not only learn more about the steps it took for us to complete such a huge (5100 square foot) renovation, but you will get to know the heart and soul of our Farmhouse.

We know that the Lord gave us this property and we are just the caretakers or stewards for the time that He allows us to tend to the land and invite others into our home.

“For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything” ~Hebrews 3:4