Family Treasures

One of my most favorite things to decorate with in my home is to use Antiques, Vintage finds and random objects.

Like super random…I have a jugglers pin, old sewing spools, glass medicine bottles, and four sets of antique clogs (not sure why I love clogs so much, but I do remember trying to walk around in my Oma’s set of clogs when I was little and my feet would fall out and I would giggle and try again).

I love finding old windows and doors that lead to nowhere, chippy boxes, vintage art and the like, BUT I think the items in our home that mean the most are things that are handed down to me via my family.

I am just one of the keepers of some of the special antique treasures and just like my sister cousin, Em, we both know the responsibility that comes with being the “Keeper”.

As the Keepers, we take care of these special gifts, we let them have center stage, we tell the stories that go with the pieces and they are always in our care.

What do you have that has been handed down to you?

Isn’t it wonderful to know that so many family members cared for your what you hold dear to you?

“Remember that the most valuable antiques are dear old friends.”~H. Jackson Brown, Jr.